API to Gather CDRS

CDR API by CdrId

A CdrBrowse request can take two parameters, StartCdrId and EndCdrId to specify a range of cdrs by id.

A point to note is that the StartCdrId parameter is inclusive while the EndCdrId parameter is exclusive in what they return. In other words the result returned will be greater than or equal to the StartCdrId and less than the EndCdrId.

You can see a result of the call with a request similar to the following{username}&Password={WWW password}{session id}&OrganizationId={org id}&StartCdrId=21872145&OrderBy=CdrId

Let's say the last call you pulled was for CDR ID 21872144. You then use that (or maybe that +1 since CDR IDs are just counters) as the StartCdrId for your next query. You can make the EndCdrId something as well, or leave it off (as shown above) to show all CDRs since the last CDR you got from us. You make this request on a regular basis and you can rate all of your calls.

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