Linksys WIP 300 Phone Configuration

Log into the WWW interface for the Phone. Under the "SIP" tab use the following settings:

(Prior to Firmware 1.02.12S)
Phone Number = Username
Authentication ID = Auth Username
Authentication Password = VOIP Password
SIP Domain = Domain e.g.
Proxy Address and Outbound address =

Go back to the "Network Profile" tab and setup the "Default" profile with your wireless network. Make sure to select your new SIP Account Choice at the bottom of the screen.

(After Firmware 1.02.12S)
Under "SIP Proxy Setup"
SIP URL = username
SIP Proxy =
SIP Proxy Port: 5060
Registrar Address:
Registrar Port: 5060
Expiry Time: 3600
Session Timer: 0
Display Name: None
SIP Format: Normail
Outbound Proxy:
Outbound Proxy Port: 5060
Registrar Name: auth username
Registrar Password: auth password

Save Settings


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