Mocet Communicator (IP3092)

Similar in function to the NXV610 from Invoxia and the iFusion Smartstation from Altigen, the Mocet Communicator is an accessory that turns your iPad into a multi-line (4), feature-packed HD VoIP desk phone. It supports iPad versions 1, 2, and 3.

Basic Setup

Plug your Mocet Communicator into your LAN, and insert your iPad into the dock. You will be asked to download an app called IP Commander, which is the VoIP phone application that comes with the Mocet Communicator accessory.

Download the application and open it. The easiest way to set up the Mocet Communicator to work with OnSIP is to use the web configuration utility. You should have your computer on hand for this. Note that you will also need your SIP credentials which can be found in the OnSIP admin portal under each user. They look like this:

In the IP commander application, tap on the information tab in the left hand column on the main screen. On the right side, scroll down to the Network Information section and note the IP address. Type this IP address into your web browser. You will be asked to provide a login and password to continue. The default login and password are admin and 1234, respectively.

Next, click on the button labeled SIP in the top navigation bar.

Enter your SIP credentials in the fields on this page like so:

  • Line enable: check
  • SIP Proxy Server: Proxy/Domain
  • Outbound Proxy Server:
  • Phone Number: Username
  • Authorized ID: Auth Username

Repeat as necessary for up to 4 separate lines.



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