Polycom Intra-office / Group Paging

Please note: This article is for informational purposes only. This is not a standard feature of the OnSIP Hosted PBX and is unsupported. You are welcome to use the following information to enhance your OnSIP experience, but technical support is not available from OnSIP for this feature. For assistance beyond the below document you will need to contact the hardware manufacturer/reseller directly. 


Starting with version 4.0 of the Polycom SIP software, you can easily enable intra-office paging directly through the Polycom phones. This feature is only available between phones on the same physical local area network and requires multicast. As stated above, OnSIP cannot help to support or troubleshoot this feature, but the below information should work on most networks without additional setup.

This feature is not available on the Polycom Soundstation IP 7000, 6000 or 5000.

Step 1 - Gather IP Address

To enable paging, you need to log into the WWW interface of the phones. To do that, simply obtain the IP address of the phone by choosing:

  • "Menu"
  • "Status"
  • "Platform"
  • "Phone"
  • Scroll down until you see IP address listed

Step 2 - Configure Paging Groups

Take the IP address listed there and put it into the address bar of your browser.  Using a VVX-series phone, you'll need to enter the IP as such - https://192.168.x.x.  This will take you to the web user interface for the phone. Log in with the admin username and password:

Username - Polycom (Be sure to use capital "P"!)

Password - 456 (unless phone is on our boot server, in which case the phone password is located under the "Resources" tab. Click on MAC address to expand boxes, and on the lefthand side of the "Phone Details" box the phone password is listed).

From the "Settings" menu choose "Paging/PTT Configuration".

Choose the plus sign "+" next to Group Paging to expand that section.

Choose "Enable" for Group Paging.

Give the Default Group a label like "Office." Make the "Available", "Send" and "Subscribe" categories all "yes".

Choose "Save" at the bottom of the screen and respond with "yes" to save the settings to the phone.

Your phone will now show a softkey for "Paging".

Step 3 - Repeat

Repeat these steps for all the phones on the network, or at least those phones you want to be paging enabled.

Step 4 - Usage

To page the office, simply hit the "Paging" softkey on your phone and choose a group. Then press and hold the "Paging" key. The phone will beep and you can then start talking. All non-busy phones will answer the call in speaker-phone mode.


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