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Configure BLF on SNOM


Busy Lamp field (BLF) feature allows users to monitor several other extensions.

Idle state – LED is off
Ringing state – LED is blinking
Busy or Connected state – LED is on
The "Call Pickup” function is usually configured together with BLF allowing, for example, a receptionist to pickup ringing calls with a press of a single button.

Note:Most phones are supported by the OnSIP Boot server and all BLF configuration should be done via the boot server configuration page under resources. However, SNOM phones are not currently supported on the OnSIP Bootserver and are therefore unable to be configured automatically and must be provisioned manually to take advantage of the BLF feature.

Phone Configuration Details

The SNOM phone is not supported on the OnSIP system. The following information if available on an "as-is" basis. Technical support cannot help with the BLF feature on SNOM phones.

Step 1 - Open phone settings in Browser

Open phone administration in your browser (eg. Http://
Make sure that the phone is running firmware version 8.
View screen "Setup->Function Keys”.

Step 2 - Configure BLF

Configure BLF function on the buttons P1...Px.
First field to "Active”
Second field to "BLF”
Third field to "username”
username is the username portion of the SIP address for the user you would like to monitor

user: Joe User
Company: Acme Corp.
SIP Address:
Third Field: "joe"

User: Sally Smith
Company: Acme Corp.
SIP Address:
Third Field: "ssmith"

Step 4 - Save Configuration


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