Vyatta Firewall Configuration

This article is to assist users unfamiliar with the Vyatta Firewall in getting their device up and running to the point where they can register their devices and make and receive phone calls. The Vyatta is primarily a firewall device with a level of routing capability which makes it a wonderful device for use in smaller offices of up to ten users.

This walk through requires a degree of networking familiarity and is not designed for every networking eventuality, choosing accessibility over specifics in every instance. Your company’s own security and networking policies may contradict information presented within this document.

Vyatta has created a VERY valuable Getting Started Guide which was instrumental in getting our own lab going and as such reading through the included exercises will be valuable to anyone who will be administering the Vyatta device.

The getting started guide works to the point of getting the Vyatta functional, but you will need to add this line in configuration mode to allow sip traffic to work:

"set firewall conntrack-options sip enable-indirect-signalling"

Unfortunately there isn't a lot of information for SIP and Vyatta, the only reference to SIP is on page 69 of the Firewall Reference Guide.

For basic debugging, Check this thread on the Vyatta forums for setting up and reading of logs.



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