What to do when an employee leaves

Our recommendation for when an employee leaves/new employee arrives.

What NOT to do:

Do NOT rename the user. That will cause the billing system to attach the incorrect name to the calling records of the previous user. Additionally, the SIP address will still reference the former employee.

What you should do:

1.) Choose the "Resources" tab and click on the former employee's voice mailbox to expand boxes. Lower right, delete the voice mailbox. Be sure to check and see if there were any messages you wanted/needed BEFORE you delete this feature.  You are charged for voice mailboxes.  It is important to remember that only so many boxes are included in a package, therefore, you should not keep a voice mailbox sitting around if you don’t need it.

2.) Choose the "Users" tab. Click on the former employee. Choose "Modify" in the extensions box and delete their extension. This way you can give a new employee the same extension. At this point, you have a User in the system without a voice mailbox and without an extension. Lastly, choose "Delete", to delete the user from your list. (If you do this by mistake, support can un-delete a user.)

3.) If adding a new employee, choose the "User" tab, "Create New User" to create a whole new user and assign them the extension of the previous User.  The will now get the SAME voice mailbox number as the former User.  The new User will need to create an unavailable greeting for their new voice mailbox.

4.) If you are assigning the new user an existing phone that has been configured to hit our boot server, you will have to assign that phone to the user under the "Resources" tab.  In Resources, locate the MAC address of the phone and click to expand boxes.  Under Line Details box, modify, update the LINE1 user (there's a dropdown list), and save.  Now go to the physical phone and restart it (Polycom is a soft reboot, all other phones you can pull the power cord, count to 10, and plug back into power).

Note: When disabling a user, make sure that there are no phone numbers or external phone numbers currently assigned as the Bill To user. If a user is disabled and is listed as the “Bill Calls To” user on a phone number or external phone number, then that number will temporarily be disabled as well. In order to avoid disabling your number, change the “Bill Calls To” user to an active user on the account. All phone numbers and external phone numbers must have active users assigned in the “Bill Calls To” user field, which can be manually adjusted at any time under the Resources tab.

What If I Don't Want to Delete the User, But Don't Want Them to Make Calls - see this link on how to disable PSTN calling and/or disable a User.


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