Ensuring OnSIP InstaCall Success

Main Requirements for Website Visitor to Utilize InstaCall:

Here are two main conditions to make this experience possible:

(1) The website visitor will need the latest version of Chrome or Firefox as these are the only browsers today that support WebRTC.

(2) The visitor will also need a working microphone and speakers at an audible volume, and they’ll need to make these accessible to their browser by clicking "Allow" at the top of the browser when prompted (after clicking to call).

Note: If your website visitor isn't using a supported browser, the InstaCall button will appear grayed out (unclickable). When the visitor mouses over the button, the visitor will see text suggesting that they visit your site in the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.


Hardware & Network Requirements for an Optimal Experience

Your website visitors will experience optimal call quality when you take the following measures. In addition, the more of the following criteria your website visitors meet, the better! (If a website visitor reports an issue, the following criteria can be helpful to troubleshoot with them):

  1. Use a headset with headphones and a microphone. A computer’s internal speakers and microphones will often create a feedback loop that will create an echo.
  2. Receive (and make) calls over an ethernet connection. An ethernet connection is the optimal network connection for consistent call quality. A mobile network may work depending on your data plan and connection, but it is not typically optimal.
  3. Make sure that the audio input and output settings are correct for the device you are using. To test the headset, open a YouTube page and test for proper output to the device speakers.
  4. If the visitor is using a mobile or tablet browser, the device itself will need enough computing power to handle the media stream in the browser— We find that only the latest devices can handle this

A rule of thumb for troubleshooting echo is that it is caused by the end of the call that does not hear the echo. This is due to the volume of the speaker being too loud and getting picked up by the microphone. If a call comes in with echo, ask the caller to lower the speaker volume; this can sometimes occur even with a headset.


Tracking InstaCall

With Google Analytics, you can track InstaCall information such as:

  • ButtonClick - The number of times the InstaCall button on your webpage is clicked
  • callDialed - The number of times your site visitors clicked on the "Connect Now" / "Call buttons"
  • callStarted - The number of times InstaCall calls were answered
  • callEnded - The number of times InstaCall calls were terminated. Note that failed calls / calls where the user closes the window before ending the call will not be counted here.

If you do not have a Google Analytics account, you can open one at and follow Google’s instructions to set up on your website. When setting up InstaCall, you will see a field for your Google Analytics property ID (begins with UA-) and you are all set.


Ensure your Greeting is not cut off

InstaCall currently requires a 2-4 second connection time, during which your greeting can get abbreviated if a ringback tone is not played during this time. For an optimal calling experience, we recommend setting up routing rules first to an audible ring recording, and next to your destination of choice. You can download a 4 second ring recording here (right click, Save As) or add one of your choice.


Important Notes for Successful InstaCall Insertion into a Webpage

Please note that copying and pasting the InstaCall JavaScript code into your webpage “at HTML level” comes with the responsibility of knowing that you can break elements in the page if done incorrectly. We recommend a website administrator with general HTML/CSS/JavaScript experience/know-how complete these steps in case the button position and styling needs editing.

If you are using a Content Management System (CMS), please be sure the settings allow the use of JavaScript. To the best of our knowledge:

  • Tumblr - OK
  • Blogger - OK
  • Wordpress - Basic template blocks tags
  • Google Sites - Cannot add JavaScript

Please note you are placing code that will allow anyone with access to your page the ability to call the destination you have set in the setup. These are SIP calls, and since you specified the destination, can not be blocked or restricted.

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