Bria Advanced Logging

Bria has the ability to generate logs directly from the application:

Start the Bria app. From the "Help" menu at the top choose "Troubleshooting. When the "Troubleshooting" window comes up, choose "Diagnostics". Choose the "Advanced" button from the "Diagnostics" window. Choose the triangle for the drop-down "Starting the application" and then choose "I keep getting account errors". Click on the button "Start Advanced Logging". The app will then ask if you want to restart now or later. Choose "Restart". Bria will shut down and then automatically restart. When it comes back up choose "Stop Logging". That's all pretty straight-forward. Here's the hard part.

Go back into the "Help" menu and choose "Troubleshooting" -> "Diagnostics" -> "Advanced" similar to last time. This time choose "Send Advanced Logging". It will open a file menu with the log files that you just generated. Open an e-mail in another window and drag/drop those files to e-mail. ALSO select those files and choose "Open" to send them to "Counterpath" as well.


Created and Updated: 05/2015

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