Panasonic Auto Answer

Panasonic KX-UTG200 and 300 phones have an AutoAns (Auto Answer) feature that is available to be set on a line-by-line basis directly from the user interface on the phone.  Simply choose the line with the up-down arrows that you want auto-answered and choose the AutoAns soft key.  That will enable Auto Answer for that line and the icon for that line will change to burnt orange to indicate Auto Answer is enabled.  To disable, perform the same keypresses and the icon will return to pink. 

Then, when that line receives a call, the phone will audibly ring 2-3 times and then answer by placing the call on speakerphone.  Upon hangup, the phone will beep 3-4 times and then return to normal.

Created: 05/2015. Updated: 05/2015


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