Vtech VSP600/VSP725/VSP735/VCS754


The following instructions assume your phone has successfully booted and completed network configuration including obtaining valid IP address for itself, an IP gateway and DNS servers either via DHCP, manual or other means (refer to your phone’s documentation) and that your phone is running with factory defaults. 

Step 1: Gather information for each user

Each user has a set of credentials which you will need to configure each phone. For each phone that you are configuring, obtain the following:

  • "SIP Address" (Address of Record)
  • "SIP Password"
  • "Auth Username"
  • "Username"
  • "Proxy/Domain"

You can find this information in the user detail pages under the "Users" tab in the "Phone Configuration" section. 

Step 2: Log into your Vtech phone through a web browser

When your phone is powered on and connected to your LAN, use a browser to navigate to the IP address of your phone.

You can locate your phone’s IP address by –

For VSP725, VSP735, VCS754

Menu – 2. Status – 1. Network – IP

For VSP600

From the handset

Menu – Status - Network

The factory default user name for the phone is "admin" and the factory default password is "admin". 

Step 3. Enter your user information from Step 1

General Account Settings Section

Check "Enable Account" box

  • Display Name > Whatever you would like.
  • User Identifier >"Username"
  • Authentication Name > "Auth Username"
  • Authentication Password > "SIP Password"

Registration Section

  • Server address > "Domain"

Outbound Proxy Section

  • Server address >

Audio Section

  • Codec priority 1 > 722
  • Codec priority 2 > 711u
  • Codec priority 3 > 711a
  • Codec priority 4 > None
  • Codec priority 5 > None

Click the "Save" button at the bottom System account management


For security purposes, we strongly recommend changing the default password

This setting can be found in "Servicing" > "Security"


Revised June 2015


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