Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite3/Security Gateway

From customer Scott - as of October 2017

The future version 5.16 for this router will have persistent SIP ALG disable

But in the meantime, for the next couple of weeks the process that Ubiquiti recommends to disable SIP ALG is as follows:

SSH into USG 
the commands you need to run are:

set system conntrack timeout udp stream 30 
set system conntrack timeout udp other 30 
set system conntrack modules sip disable 

SIP ALG can be disabled by 


August 2016

To disable SIP ALG (application level gateway) on this device:

Open the Command Line Interface

SSH into the router

ssh <username>@<ServerIP>

Run the following commands

* configure

* set system conntrack modules sip disable

* commit

* save



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    Rick Fuller Jr.

    Can anyone tell me the show command to verify this is already set? It seems to have reverted on the gateway pro I am working on.

  • Avatar
    Rick Fuller Jr.

    Ah...If anyone else runs into this, it should show that command if its set when you run >show configuration commands

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