OpenStage 40

Updated June 2015

Step 1: Modify Username **IMPORTANT**

Each user has a set of credentials which will be needed to configure each phone. For each phone that you are configuring, you will need to modify the SIP Address so that the Username matches the Auth Username. You can find this information in the user detail pages under the Users tab in the SIP Address and Phone Configuration section for each user.  Click on each user.  Scroll down to "Auth Username:" and copy the auth username.  Then, click on "Modify" next to the SIP address for the user and paste the auth username into the SIP address and hit save. Now, your username and auth username are the same.  This device cannot differentiate between the two so they must be the same in order for this device to work with OnSIP.

Step 2: Gather information for each user

Gather information for each user

For most SIP devices, there are only five fields which must be entered in order for the SIP device to register with OnSIP. Those fields are:

  • "SIP Address" (Address of Record)
  • "SIP Password"
  • "Auth Username"
  • "Username"
  • "Domain"
  • "Outbound Proxy"

SIP settings

Step 3: Log into your OpenStage 40 phone through a web browser

You will need the IP address of the OpenStage 40 device. A typical IP address is something like or, for example. Run a web browser application on the same network as the OpenStage 40 device. Type the IP address you obtained above and hit enter key on keyboard. From here, select Admin Login then go to Administrator Pages heading.

Step 4: Enter your user information from Step 2


Under Network System, select System Identity and enter information into the following fields only:

* Terminal Number = Auth Username
* Terminal Name = Auth Username
select "submit"

Under Network System, select SIP Interface and enter information into the following fields:

* Outbound Proxy = place checkmark
* Default OBP Domain =
* SIP Transport = UDP
select "submit"

Under Network System, select Registration and enter information into the following fields:

* SIP Addresses
** SIP Server Address =
** SIP Registar Address = Your Domain e.g.

* SIP Session
** Session Timer Enabled = check
** Session Duration = 3600
** Server Type = Other
** Realm =
** User ID = Username
** Password = SIP Password

*SIP Survivability
** Backup Registration Timer = 3600
** Backup Trasnport = UDP
select "submit"


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