As of June 2018, OnSIP has been advised that Comrex has discontinued the STAC VIP.  It will still register with OnSIP but may have limited support from Comrex.


To configure a Comrex STAC-VIP system to use OnSIP, follow the steps below.

Go to the IP address of the device and the /cfg sub directory.  For example:


First, go to "Line Configuration" in the configuration interface. 

Then click on "Add Provider".


Under "SIP Provider," choose "OnSIP".

In "Account Information", enter the OnSIP username in the "User Name" field. Also, enter the OnSIP proxy in the "Proxy/Domain" field.


The authentication username is the OnSIP auth user.


Enter the OnSIP SIP Password in the "Account Password" field.

Save the settings and check-in under the user (after refreshing the page) to see if there is registration.

Calling Comrex STAC-VIP from the OnSIP App issue

Comrex Doc on using STAC-VIP with WebRTC

NOTE: The Comrex device does not respond when using the OnSIP App. See the link below from Comrex regarding the known issue from 2016:


NOTES for VH2 (as of July 2021): 

Click for VH2 Quickstart - note the Comrex device is the only device registered to OnSIP.  The handset configures to the Comrex and will not be seen when reviewing registrations in the OnSIP Admin Portal.

When configuring the Polycom handset paired to the Comrex device, be sure to configure the following codec in this specific order and remove the rest.  This feature is under Settings ->Audio Codec Priority:

* G711a

* G722

* G729a/b


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