Follow - Modifying DNS SRV records

Created: 2015

Last Edit: 06/07/2018


To edit your SRV record in log into and click on the your domain to edit. ChooseTotal Domain Control and click on Add New SRV Record.

Edit the SRV record with the following settings and hit OK.

Service: SIP
Protocol: UDP
Name: (your domain name goes here)
Priority: 0
Weight: 0
Port: 5060


Note (2018):  Customer states (we have not had the chance to independently verify:

When entering the name of the domain the docs show you would enter (assuming that is the domain). The flaw being that that
generates a final record of Obviously that
won't work. The solution being, for Godaddy DNS, is to enter a @ for
the name. This will generate the correct records.


Per the customer note - in the above example, instead of "" as the example shows, you would enter "@".  If anyone can confirm this, please make a comment below.

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