Port Rejections

Pending Order

A pending order usually means there is a change request in your account. It could be something like an address or name change, or a change in the account package. When a change request is entered in an account it is processed as an order. If you have recently made any type of change to your account it is possible the change is still in the pending order status. The number cannot be ported until the pending order have been completed.


LSP Freeze

An LSP freeze is a procedure which prevents a local exchange carrier from switching or taking the customers of another local exchange carrier without the customer’s expressed approval. The purpose of a freeze is to provide customers of a particular carrier a level of assurance that their accounts will not be switched to another carrier without their knowledge. Freezes were developed in response to the deceptive practices, or slamming, used by certain carriers to attract new customers.


Incorrect BTN

The BTN (billing telephone number) is an active phone number on your account that is referenced when porting your numbers. The BTN could be one of the numbers you're porting, or it may be the first number established on the account. If we submit the port order to the carrier with the wrong BTN, it could reject and be delayed. You can enter what you think is the BTN, or you may contact your current carrier and request they provide you with what they have on record as the Billing Telephone Number if you are not sure.


Incorrect PIN or Passcode

Please provide the wireless account # and the account PIN # or the last 4 digits of the authorized account holder's SSN.


Partial Port

To resolve a partial port rejection, please determine whether to disconnect, port or keep in service any remaining telephone numbers on the account. Once we have received your completed list of intentions for ALL numbers and services on the account, we will resubmit the port request to the donor carrier. Please note that some providers require that any phone numbers not porting away be disconnected when the port completes.


Address Mismatch

The information entered on your signed LOA form did not match the donor carrier's records. The port request will need to be canceled and resubmitted with the correct name & address. If your phone number(s) are Remote Call Forwarded or resold, please advise so that we can attempt to dispute the rejection.


Authorized Name Mismatch / Incorrect LOA signature

The signature on your signed LOA form did not match the donor carrier's records. Please contact your current provider to verify the correct authorized name on the account and return a new signed LOA.  Some providers may allow you to have the person that signed the original LOA added to the account as a second authorized contact. Once we receive your updated LOA, we can resubmit the port request and obtain a new port date for you.

Updated Sept 2019

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