Polycom Password Settings

With Version 6.4.2 firmware or newer, Polycom no longer allows a phone to be used with the default passwords once configured. When starting up a phone and receiving a change password screen, there will be 3 fields- Old Password, New password and New password again. All 3 fields must have passwords entered before hitting Enter. New passwords must be 4 digits, unlike previously when it could be 3 digits. With new or factory reset phones, the old password will still be 456. For phones that were updated, the password will be the one in the phone's resource or entry pin the admin portal/admin function in the OnSIP app. 


When accessing your Polycom phone, you may be prompted to enter a password. To determine what your password is, you will have to assess how your Polycom was configured.

Enter a password of "456" if your Polycom is:

  1. On our boot server but has not rebooted.
  2. On our boot server, but not provisioned through the admin portal.
  3. Not on our boot server.

If your Polycom is configured on our boot server and has recently been rebooted, your password may have changed for security reasons. To access your password, you should follow these steps:

  • Log into the
  • Select the Administrators tab at the top right.
  • Choose Phones on the left.
  • Choose your Polycom mac address. There you will see a field for the phone password which you should enter in the phone.
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