Intercom Feature for the Polycom VVX Phone Line

The intercom feature allows you to talk to another Polycom VVX user without any action required on his or her end. The call is automatically connected after one full ring and set to speakerphone. The person receiving the call can choose to continue the call using speakerphone, or he/she can pick up the receiver at any time during the conversation.

The intercom feature is available on any Polycom VVX phone registered with the OnSIP boot server and must be turned on to work.  To enable this feature, go to Resources tab, click on MAC address of VVX phone you wish to use this feature, Phone Details box on left - modify, select Intercom, save and restart the phone to pick up the change.  You will then see the option to select Intercom on your phone screen. 

How to Make an Intercom Call

To initiate a call, press the button labeled "Intercom." On some phones, this option may not be visible on the default home screen and can be located by selecting the "More" button.

Select more button

In the New Call Screen, simply dial the person's extension you want to reach:

Dial person's extension

His/her phone will ring fully once and then automatically put the call on speakerphone. 

Incoming calls

These calls look like normal incoming calls so you may not know that it is an intercom call until the call is automatically answered by the phone.


If the person you are trying to reach has his/her status set to "Do Not Disturb", your call will go to the failover location, such as his/her voicemail.  If s/he is not registered or you are calling a phone that does not have the VVX Intercom feature, it will be treated as a normal phone call.

The Polycom VVX Intercom feature can call people who are not on the same LAN as you, so you can use this feature to speak to people remotely.


Created March 24, 2016


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