2N Helios IP Force

  1. Gather the account information

    • Address of Record/SIP Address:
    • SIP Password:
    • Auth Username:
    • Username:
    • Domain:
    • Outbound Proxy:
  2. Main GUI

  3. SIP Registration

    *On a side note, for the Phone number (ID), make sure use the username not the actual extension.

    Intercom Identity

    • Display Name: Display name
    • Phone Number (ID): Username
    • Domain: Domain


    • Use Authentication: [x]
    • Authorization ID: Auth Username
    • Password: SIP Password

    SIP Proxy

    SIP Registrar

    • Registration Enabled: [x]
    • Registrar Address:
    • Registrar Port: 5060
    • Registration Expires: 120

    Advanced Settings

    • SIP Transport Protocol: UDP
    • Local SIP Port: 5060
  4. Selecting the Audio Codecs

    (PCMU, PCMA, and G.722)

    Selecting the Video Codecs

    (H.263, H.263+, and H.264)

  5. Creating the Users

    This has to be setup in connection with keypad programming. Also, take note of the position number.

  6. Quick dial programming

    If you remember from the last section(Creating users), now you can assign them to the Quick dial button.

  7. Keypad Programming

    You could set on how you can call somebody from the Door phone. One is by dialing the position number from the address book and the other one is by dialing the whole extension number.

  8. Position Number

  9. Telephone mode

  10. Camera Setting

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