Managing Multiple Calls on Cisco SPA Phones

Created June 2016

We've released an update for Cisco SPA IP phones. You can now manage multiple calls to one of the phone's lines simply by using the buttons on the phone's interface.

When you answer a call made to one of the phone lines on a Cisco SPA phone, the Busy Lamp Field (BLF) button for that line will turn red.

Answering a second call made to that same line will automatically put the first call on hold, and cause the line's BLF button to start blinking. This indicates that there are multiple active calls on that line.

By pressing the BLF button, you can toggle through each active call and view more info about it, such as Caller ID and the call's time length. You can also use the soft buttons to perform actions like transferring the call or ending the call.

If you are using more than one line on your phone, this functionality will work for all lines.

When all calls on a line are ended, the BLF button will turn green.


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