Asus RT-AC68P

July 2016

Asus RT-AC68P with firmware

1. Log into the router's web interface.
2. Go to Advanced Settings / WAN on left side.
3. From the tabs across the top, choose NAT Pass-Through.
4. Change SIP Pass-Through to "Enable" to disable SIP ALG (as of July 2016)
5. Select Apply

For phones to pick up the change immediately, reboot each of them, otherwise they will pick up the new NAT table with changes during their next registration.

***Certain firmware can cause disabling SIP ALG to stop all SIP traffic. It is a bug in the router software.***


NOTE: The information provided above is from another OnSIP customer offering these settings for other customers with a similar device. OnSIP does not sell nor monitor equipment and/or it’s firmware updates/etc. The settings of routers can change and are out of the control of OnSIP. For best results, reach out to the manufacturer directly.


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    Andrew Bronson

    once i disabled sip pass through thats when everything started working.