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August 2016

***This article is for informational purposes only. This is not a standard feature of the OnSIP Hosted PBX. This is the scope of our support.***

You are welcome to use the following information to enhance your OnSIP Experience, but technical support is not available from OnSIP for this feature. For assistance beyond the below document, you will need to contact the hardware manufacturer/reseller directly.

As part of adding your Grandstream phone to the boot server, the field called "Custom Digit Map" is where the following digit map/dial plan would be added.

The default digit map is:
{ x+ | *x+ | *xx*x+ }

To get the phone to add a 1 to any 10 digit number, you need to make a change to that default map.  The following map does that.  This plan also allows for the * to be dialed, so *98 works, and it allows for extension numbers of any length.

{<=1>[2-9]xxxxxxxxx | [1]xxxxxxxxxx | *x+ | xx+}

or this one


Thanks, George K.!


Another option to add a one or even add an entire area code:


Example to add an area code (636) or, if dialing a local (314) area code, add the one:

Allow any combinations of numbers with 11 digits which has a leading digit 1

Add a leading 1 to all numbers dialed
< =1>

Allows dialing to area code starting with (3) by dialing 10 numbers and 1 will be added automatically

Thanks Daryl!


User can dial 92125551234 and the string will respond with 12125551234.
User can dial 111 (1xx) or 222 (2xx) and phone will allow it.
User can dial any number starting with an asterisk (*)
User can dial *xx*xxxxxx

Thanks Chuck!



 From Grandstream

The dial-plan will restrict the number dialed. You are able to restrict the number dialed out by a particular account. (For example, restrict the phone to call out to a set of numbers with a certain prefix or a set of numbers with fixed digits). The three accounts registered on the GXV3140 have its own independent dial plan. To configure/modify the dial plan, the user would need to access the web configuration interface of the GXV3140. In the web interface, select [Account]->[Call Settings] and modify the “Dial Plan”. The rules for dial plan are as follows;

(1)Accepted Digits: 


x – any digit from 0-9;

xx – any two digits from 0-9;

^ - exclude;

[1-5] – any digit from 1 to 6;

[147] – any digit from 1, 4 or 7;

(2)<2=011> - replace digit 2 with 011 when dialing;

(3) Example 1: {[369]11 | 1617xxxxxxx}

Allow 311, 611, and 911 or any 10 digit numbers with leading digits 1617

Example 2: {^1900x+ | <=1617>xxxxxxx}

Block any number of leading digits 1900 or add prefix 1617 for any dialed 7 digit numbers.

(4) Default: Outgoing – {x+}: Allow any length of numbers.




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