Configure Agile CRM Telephony Integration

Step 1. Log into your Agile Dashboard and choose User Info

 In your Agile dashboard, click on your user icon (by default the red tiki mask) in the upper right hand corner to bring up your user information.


In the user information window, choose "Widgets".


In the Widgets window, click on the Telephony tab.


Scroll down to the "SIP JS" widget:


Click on "Settings".



Step 2. Gather User Information.


Each user has a set of credentials which will be needed to configure each phone. For each phone that you are configuring, obtain the following:

  • SIP Address (Address of Record)
  • SIP Password
  • Auth Username
  • Username
  • Proxy/Domain

You can find this information in the user detail pages under the Users tab in the Phone Configuration section.


Step 3. Enter your user information from Step 1.

Enter the corresponding information into the settings.

  • Server:
  • Password: SIP Password
  • Enter OnSIP ID: Address of Record
  • Authorized Username: Auth Username




 Hit "Save" and you should see the user as "Online" in the OnSIP portal.  


Note:  You will have to give the application permission to access your microphone.


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