Post port recommendations

What to do after your phone number(s) have successfully ported to OnSIP and you have completed a test call.

1. Contact your previous phone service provider to have them remove the phone number(s) that have ported away from your account and their network. This will help ensure that you are no longer billed by the old provider for the numbers that have ported away and that calls originating on their network are routed correctly. If you no longer require any of the old provider's services, you can request that they cancel your account completely. To allow sufficient processing time for records to update, it's recommended that you wait 48 hours after the port has completed to contact the old provider about canceling service on the numbers that ported away.

2. If you previously had separate local and long-distance providers or separate accounts associated with the number(s) that ported, be sure to notify both of the old providers that you no longer require their service for the ported out number(s).

3. If your OnSIP account was originally provided with OnSIP phone numbers for testing or remote call forwarding purposes, and you no longer wish to keep them, you can safely delete them and return those numbers to us (from the Admin Portal Resources tab, click on the phone number to expand the view, then in the lower right corner select 'delete').

Note: If you delete a phone number in error, contact us immediately to recover the number and have it restored to your account.

You may keep the additional OnSIP provided phone number(s) that were assigned or purchased if you'd like. You will be billed $2 per month for each phone number that you have in your account.

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