Console Logs

Sometimes it is necessary to obtain the console logs from the OnSIP app in order to further diagnose an issue.  Here's how to obtain those logs:


The OnSIP Desktop App

In the OnSIP Desktop App right click anywhere on the app itself and choose "Inspect Element".  


Once the screen changes, click on Console at the top.  Right click anywhere in the console and choose "Save As..."




Send that resulting file to OnSIP.


Chrome Browser

Obtaining the console logs in the browser is very similar to those instructions above.  In the Chrome Browser version of the OnSIP App, right click anywhere on the app and choose "Inspect".  This will open a new DevTools window.  Click on "Console" at the top of the window to show the console messages.  Right-click anywhere in the console to choose "Save As..." to save your console logs to a file.  Send that resulting file to OnSIP.

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