Amazon Chime Voice Connector

These instructions are to set up a Voice connector for routing call from a PSTN phone number to OnSIP.  

You must set up an AWS account with a root capability for your account. 
1. After logging in, go to or type chime in the console search window to find Chime. 

2. On the left side will appear Chime options as follows:


3. Obtain a phone number through Phone number management. You may need to open a ticket with AWS support to gain this ability. 

This screengrab shows that the number has already been assigned to the Voice Connector that I previously created and named OnSIP. The name does not have to be OnSIP, just an identifier.image__7_.png

4. On the left-hand side, select Voice Connectors. Selecting this choice brings up the next screen below.

image__8_.png5. The below screenshot shows the voice connector created through the orange button in the above screenshot. Selecting the Voice connector name (OnSIP) brings up screens to edit the connector configuration.

image__9_.pngMy testing shows that Encryption must be left Disabled.

6. Select the Origination tab at the top of the prior screenshot. This screenshot shows next. Origination status must be enabled. I configured a route as shows at the bottom. The protocol must be UDP, selecting TCP was unsuccessful. See AWS for priority and weight used for if multiple voice connectors are built. I tested this one and it carries multiple simultaneous calls with just one route defined. After setting up Origination, choose Phone Numbers (we are not covering Termination tab for out-going calls in this explanation, nor Streaming, those are in AWS Chime documentation).

image__10_.png7. Building the voice connector can be done before or after getting a phone number. It just needs to be assigned together to work.image__11_.png

8. Select the Logging tab (optional but encouraged). Enable logging sends log records to CloudWatch. To view these logs, go to AWS console and type CloudWatch into search.image__12_.png

9. The Cloud Watch logs are in the following screen. They provide traffic statistics and messages interactions. For Origination, no records appear in SipMessages, must only be for Termination.image__13_.png
10. The last (Important) step is to assign the AWS phone number to the SIP address in your OnSIP configuration. OnSIP TechSupport added the phone number to the OnSIP pool with OnSIP as the carrier and then assigned it to a User. Change the destination for the number to whatever destination you choose within the OnSIP system.  Use of an Inbound Bridge or SIP External Address is not required for Voice Connector Originator (test to confirm that call transfers work as expected.)

11. Optional - Port any vanity/existing numbers for AWS use at the end of the Voice Connector as needed. 


Created: 05/07/202

Last Updated: 05/07/2020


Thank you to D. Wiley for help with this information!








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