Porting from T-Mobile Wireless

To successfully port your T-Mobile Wireless phone number to OnSIP, you will need to provide us with your Account Number and Porting PIN.

Your T-Mobile Account number can be found in the upper right hand corner of any bill or in your online T-Mobile account. Your porting PIN can be obtained by contacting T-Mobile.

You can provide OnSIP with the PIN when submitting your port request, or when returning your signed LOA (authorization) form.

In place of a traditional bill copy, you can supply OnSIP with screenshots from your T-Mobile portal showing the phone numbers to be ported, the name and the address on the account. The number you are porting out can be used as the BTN (Billing telephone number).

Note: We make every attempt to work with all telephone service providers. However, certain local or regional guidelines may preclude your current provider from releasing your number.

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