Recording Library


Recordings are messages which will be played as part of an attendant menu or announcement.

Adding Recordings

In the App, select the "Administrators" tab, Inbound call settings, Recording library.  Choose "Add recording" from the top right of the page.


Give the recording a name.  Then choose either "Record recording" or "Upload recording."

- To record recording, click the microphone icon and begin speaking the into your designated audio input device.  Press the stop icon  mceclip1.png  to finish.

- To upload a recording, click "choose file" and locate the recording file on your computer.  Complete the process by clicking the mceclip2.png button.  Please see below for preferred file format and some audio processing software.


File Format

Uploaded files must be a WAV file (PCM, 8,000hz, 16 bit and 2 channel) and cannot exceed 5 minutes in length. The file must not exceed 30MB.

We have had success using WavePad or Audacity to convert files to the above file type.

When you sign up for a new OnSIP account, a number of recording resources are built automatically:mceclip3.png


Recording Manager

The Recording manager can be used to create and re-record recordings through the phone system instead of the app.  Recording manager details can be found the app, Administrators, PBX settings, Recording manager:



Recording manager can be reached by dialing *94 from any OnSIP registered phone. You can also attach an internal extension or inbound phone number to the recording manager. When you call the recording manager, you will be asked for your PIN number (in this case 1234) and then the message number you want to record. The pre-recorded messages are message numbers 1 and 2. So as to not over-write those messages, start your message number at number 3 or higher.mceclip6.png

When you use the Recording Manager to create a Recording, the resulting file will be saved with a Name of today's date and the time you recorded the message. To edit the recording name, simply choose the recording in the Recording library, edit info, enter a new recording name, save.

The recording numbers are found in the Recording library by clicking on a recording to view the details:mceclip7.png


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