Creating an extension-only calls phone and Disabling a User

Users that only need to dial extensions and/or 911 for emergencies.

In the OnSIP App as Admin, take these steps in the User tab: 

  1. Click Users and select the User to expand the options.
  2. On the Call Settings tab, click “Edit Info” and under Outbound Call Preferences, slide the Outbound PSTN Calls to off , You will get the below popup, select “Accept” then “Save Changes” at the bottom.

Users configured in this manner can now only dial extensions and 911.

Disabling User:
A disabled user cannot do anything.

  1. They cannot make calls, their devices are no longer registered.
  2. Their SIP Password is changed, per security protocol.
  3. They cannot log into the OnSIP app (any version).

To disable a User, in the OnSIP App Admin, take these steps in the User tab:

  1. Click User to expand options.
  2. Select the Advanced tab, choose “Edit Info” and under User Account Status select the checkbox by Disable this User.  Then “Save Changes”
  3. If you accidentally disabled a User, you can re-enable them, but you will need to:
    • Restart the phone (if configured to the boot server)
    • Log out/back into the OnSIP app
    • Manually configured phones will need the SIP Password updated.


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