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About Voicemail Transcription

OnSIP customers can sign up for Phonewire, a third-party, cloud-hosted voicemail-to-text conversation service for individuals, small businesses, and enterprise users, to receive their voicemail messages, in text form, directly in their email inbox or Smartphone.

This service is offered for 1 to 50 Users (more than 50+ can also be accommodated - please advise Phonewire of your needs so they can accommodate).  In addition to the text transcription, Users will also receive an attached .WAV* file, should they choose to listen to the voicemail.

Transcriptions are performed by human beings with English as their first language, here in the United States.

**MP3 files are also available by request in lieu of .WAV file.  Please ask a Phonewire representative for this option after configuring your account with them.

How Does it Work?

OnSIP customers can sign up for a free trial of Phonewire by going to phonewire, scrolling to the bottom of the page, and selecting a trial package.  Users can experience a live demonstration of the service prior to selecting a free trial package.

Once a User has signed up, Phonewire will email the User a unique Phonewire email address. The Phonewire email address is configured under Voicemail Notifications box in your OnSIP Resources tab.  You will need your Account Admin to make this update for you. That's it, it's that easy.


When a voicemail is received, OnSIP will send the voicemail to Phonewire for transcription (via the unique email address). Phonewire will transcribe the voicemail and email the .WAV file and transcription to the customer.

Important Notes:

  • Phonewire is a third-party service. Please note OnSIP is not responsible for Phonewire's services. OnSIP had simply made this integration easier for customers interested in this type of feature.
  • Users will still be able to manage and listen to voicemails by dialing into the voicemail manager by means of *98 (only if "delete upon sending" is NOT selected).
  • Caller ID information is in the emails from Phonewire, with the exception of caller ID information from users within your PBX. Users within your PBX are marked as "Unknown" because the Caller ID information will be passed as names (rather than numbers), which are not picked up by the Phonewire service.

Cost and How to Sign Up for Phonewire Services

Check with Phonewire for pricing and plans, which are also listed at the bottom of their website Phonewire.  At the time of this article, there are no contracts or agreements, and you can cancel at any time.  The service is offered month-to-month

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