ACD Queue Best Practices

As a best practice, we recommend having the queue agents log in and out of the queue each day to keep their queue status accurate, allowing them to reliably receive queue calls.

As the queue Supervisor, you are able to see the Agent login/log out status directly from the queue dashboard.
Logging Into the Queue:
To login to the queue, an agent must dial the login extension from a phone registered with OnSIP or the App. Once the agent has dialed the login extension, they will be prompted to enter the login password, this may be found in the ACD queue details under 'Login Details'. Upon successfully entering the PIN the agent will be logged in and the queue will hang up the call. Now when callers begin entering the queue, the agent will receive calls.

NOTE: logging into the queue from an outside phone like a cell phone will NOT work. 

If you log into Queue from the Dashboard, the first ring cycle will not ring to you.
Logging Out of the Queue:

Simply dial the queue login extension again from the phone or App that is logged in. If you are already logged in you will hear a message “Agent logged off”, at which point the queue will hang up the call.


Important Notes and Suggestions:

Unless all your agents log out of the queue at the end of the business day, all callers calling into the queue will be waiting in line for the full caller timeout duration before failing over to the timeout destination. To avoid this please be sure that all agents log out when they are not answering calls.

Supervisors should review the ACD Queue failover settings, so that if all agents are busy for an extended period, callers are routed to an appropriate alternative. (Such as voicemail, a separate overflow Queue, or back to the main attendant menu)

Supervisors should periodically review the OnSIP ACD Queue Dashboard and ACD Queue reports. If there are a high number of calls waiting, abandoned, or failed over, a supervisor can modify the ACD accordingly to improve efficiency. It may be necessary to add more agents or change the Ring Strategy.

The Ringall strategy rings all available agents simultaneously, and typically results in callers having the shortest wait time and can reduce the odds of a caller hanging up or failing over.

In the Roundrobin Memory, Least Recent and Fewest calls Ring Strategies, whenever an agent logs out and back in, their position in the queue is reset completely each time. We have seen instances where agents will log out and back in to catch the next call. In the advanced queue, the administratior can see this activity in the agent events report that is downloaded.

When deleting/editing a user, be sure the user is logged out of any ACD queue.  Failure to do so will result in the user still appearing in queue reports, with no way of removing them once they have been deleted/edited.

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