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Please note: This article is for informational purposes only. This is not a standard feature of the OnSIP Hosted PBX and is unsupported. However, you are welcome to use the following information to enhance your OnSIP Experience, but technical support is not available from OnSIP for this feature. For assistance beyond the below document, you will need to contact the hardware manufacturer/reseller directly. 


It is possible to configure your Polycom's "Messages" button to call directly into your OnSIP Voice Mailbox. You will need the following to continue:

  1. The IP address of your Polycom phone
  2. The SIP address of the voice mailbox to dial,e.g.
  3. The Polycom administration username and password for your phone
  4. A web browser on the same LAN as your Polycom phone


To find your Polycom's IP address, on your phone press the "Menu" button then select:
"Status" > "Network" > "TCP/IP Parameters"
The first line should say "IP: w.x.y.z" where w.x.y.z is your phone's IP address.

To get the SIP address of your voice mailbox you can visit the "Resources" page of the admin portal and find the SIP address under the Voice Mailbox details. Click here for more information. The voicemail box SIP address is typically where username is your username and domain is your OnSIP domain. For example: If your SIP address for your phone is, your voicemail box SIP address by default will be:

Now that you have your phone's IP address and a valid SIP address for a voice mailbox, log into your phone by typing its IP address (may need to enter https:// first) into your web browser. You will need to log into your phone's web administration portal, ask your administrator for your phone's username and password.

Click on "Lines" in the header of the Polycom configuration page.

Polycom header lines

Under "Line Parameters" select the phone line you want to configure the messages button for. You can set up a unique voice mailbox for each line of your phone.

Scroll down to "Message Center"

Message center

Set the following options:

  • "Callback Mode": Contact
  • "Callback Contact": Voice Mailbox SIP Address

To use, press the Messages button on the phone. Choose which line to get messages for then choose "connect". You will hear your voicemail greeting start to play. Hit the "*" key. You will be prompted for your PIN. Enter your PIN followed by "#". You're in.


On a VVX:

* Resources tab - locate MAC and click to expand ->Phone Details, modify ->place checkmark next to Web interface to unlock it ->take note of phone's password ->save.
* Phone ->gather phone's private IP address, enter https://private IP to access, then use the phone's password

Web interface: Utilities > Line Key Function > Type = Static BLF > Label =whatever > Address = SIP Address > Save > No need to restart phone it automatically picks up. Using yellow arrows on the right side > move newly labeled BLF up or down on your phone.  Note you will still need to press * as soon as you hear your greeting and enter your PIN.  There is no way to void these 2 steps.





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