Extended Dialing Guidelines

OnSIP's Extended Dialing allows calls to approximately 28 International dialing codes (011) - mostly landlines in Europe and a few other locations and Alaska.  This feature allows you to make calls outside of the Standard Calling Area that would cost more than 3.2c ($0.032) per minute.  Your outbound Caller ID must be set in order to place these calls.

We have an Extended International Dialing Form (EIDF) that covers the rest of the world.  In order to place calls to the Extended Calling Area, the Credit Cardholder and the OnSIP Account Admin are required to sign our EIDF agreement, which states that you know that these calls may cost more than 3.2c ($0.032) per minute:

Extended International Dialing Form (EIDF)

You can submit your completed form to  Once our Customer Success Team receives your paperwork and it has been reviewed, you will be notified as to whether or not your request has been approved/completed.

Worldwide Calling Rates
Reverse Billing Rate Centers


Restricted Dialing Destinations

Effective immediately, the following rate centers are no longer available to our OnSIP customers:

  • Somalia (252)
  • Zimbabwe (262)
  • Republic of Congo (242)
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo (243)

If you would like to dial the above destinations, you will need an International calling card. You do not need new phones or a new provider; as long as you have a calling card, you can still call those destinations using your OnSIP phones. For example: if you dial a Toll-Free number, you will be prompted to enter your account ID, followed by the number you would like to dial.

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