Switchvox Configuration for OnSIP Trunking

Updated May 2015


Step 1: Gather information for the OnSIP Trunking User

You will need the following information from the OnSIP Trunking User in the Admin portal:

  • Username
  • Auth Username
  • SIP Password
  • Domain

You can find this information in the user detail pages under the Users tab in the Phone Configuration section.

Step 2 Add the OnSIP Trunking user as a SIP Provider in Switchvox

Log in to your Switchvox PBX

    • Click on "VOIP Providers" from the "Setup" drop down menu in the upper left
    • Click on "Create SIP Provider"
    • Under the "Provider Information" section
      Complete or verify the following:

      "SIP Provider Name": (a unique name for this trunk)
      "Your Account ID": (your username)
      "Your Password": (your SIP password)
      "Hostname/IP Address": (your sip domain)
      "Callback extension": (extension or IVR )
      "DTMF Mode": RFC2833 (default)
    • Under the "Peer Settings" section
      Complete or verify the following:

      "Host Type": "Provider"
      "Apply Incoming Call Rules to Provider": "Yes"
    • Under "CallerID Settings" section
      Complete or verify the following:

      "Supports Changing Caller ID": "YES"
      "Caller-ID Method": "P asserted identity"
      "Caller-ID Name": (your inbound DID)
      "Caller ID Number": (leave blank)
    • Under Conenction Settings
      Complete or verify the following fields:

      "SIP Port": 5060
      "SIP Expiry": (leave at default)
      "Proxy Host": (your sip domain)
      "Authentication User": (Auth user)
      "Always Trust this Provider": "YES"
    • Click on "Save SIP Provider" and wait for the page to reload
    • Click on "Go to Connection Status" and wait for the page to reload
    • Verify SIP Provider state indicates "Registered"

Step 3 Set the Outbound Call Prefix

Login in to your Switchvox PBX

  • It is important that all outbound SIP Invites should be of the format:
    example: 1 212 555 5555
    where , 1 212 555 5555 is the outbound number you wish to dial

  • Under the "Call Through" section select OnSIP provider account you configured under the "VOIP Providers" section
  • Click on the "Save Outgoing Call Rule" button


Step 4: Make test calls

Verify connectivity and correct signaling by placing test calls against a land line or cell phone.
You may need to make minor adjustments to your dialplan depending on your individual configuration.


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