5 Ways to Check Voicemail From a Remote Location

1. If your OnSIP phone number rings to an attendant menu dial *98 upon reaching the attendant menu and enter your mailbox information as usual.  If you have given your voice mailbox an extension, you can enter that number instead of dialing *98 and reach your voice mailbox directly.

2. Assign the Voicemail Manager its very own phone number under Phone Numbers and allow it to be directly dialed.

3. Call your OnSIP phone number, once you reach your own unavailable voicemail message, pressing * will connect you to the voicemail manager and direct you to dial your password/pin.

4. If you're not near a phone, but have the ability to check email, you could set your voice mailbox options in the OnSIP portal (Inbound call settings>Voicemail) to send you an email notification with your voicemail messages attached as .wav files.

5.If you have access to any computer with an internet connection and speakers, you could log into our free softphone application at or download the desktop app version. From the login page, enter your SIP address and password, then go to the Voicemail section in My Dashboard. When you click on an individual voicemail message in the list, you’ll be able to play the message right from the app interface.

Updated June 3, 2019

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