Porting away your phone number (Port Out)

You must keep your OnSip service active in order to port your number to your new provider. We cannot guarantee that your OnSIP number will be held for porting if you cancel your service prior to receiving confirmation that your number has been successfully ported.

  • Initiate the port with your new provider. All updates will come from the new provider.
  • The required proof of ownership (bill copy alternative) can be obtained by logging into and taking a screenshot of your phone numbers. (click Administrators in the top right corner, then click Phone numbers on the left side menu)
  • A port out PIN is required to port your number away from OnSIP. Please contact our porting team to obtain the PIN #.
  • Your new provider will have you complete and sign an LOA form.
  • Your new provider will notify our carrier of your number porting request and will verify your information.
  • You must notify OnSIP that your number has been successfully ported to ensure that your number is removed from our system and that you are no longer billed for the number.
  • You must notify and confirm cancellation of your OnSIP service. After you confirm that your OnSIP service has been canceled, OnSIP will no longer bill you for services. YOU WILL CONTINUE TO BE BILLED IF YOU DO NOT CANCEL YOUR SERVICE AFTER YOUR NUMBER HAS BEEN PORTED.


Updated Aug 2023

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