On Net Conference Suite


Our Conference Suite Feature can host up to 15 users per suite.  This includes both users within your account as well as allow third parties to join.


Creating and OnNet Conference Suite

Within the app click the Administrators Tab on the top right

  • Click the Inbound Call Settings Tab on the left.
  • Choose Conference Suite.
  • Press the Add Suite Button towards the right.


Joining a Conference Suite

  • Adding an extension will allow users within the account to join the suite
  • Another option is to assign a phone number to it which allows third parties to enter the conference.


Assigning a PIN

If you would like to secure access to your Conference Suite so that only users who know a PIN number may enter it, you can do so by editing the feature and assigning it a PIN.

Please Note: You cannot edit the settings or PIN of an On Net Conference Suite while a conference call is in session; only after the last caller hangs up in a conference session will the new settings take effect.


Music on Hold

The conference Music on Hold (MoH) is the music that plays when only one user has entered the On Net Conference Suite and is waiting for others to join.

The music heard when the first person enters the conference call cannot be disabled/turned off.  Turning your MOH channels to 0 will not eliminate the music heard by the first person entering the conference, and not by the following attendees.


Next Steps

To allow callers who are using traditional telephones into your On Net Conference Suite, you must be sure to assign the On Net Conference Suite either a telephone number or allow it to be dialed by extension off of your main attendant menu.


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