Google Cloud Storage

To use Google Cloud as your Storage Service, the following information is necessary when creating your "Storage Service" Resource:

Bucket name

Key ID

Json key file

  1. Sign in to the Google Developer Console and create a new project (a project might be provided on account creation).


  1. Use the Google Cloud Storage to create a Bucket that will be used to store recordings. Note the name of the bucket created.

    Menu → Storage → Browser

image4.pngimage3.pngCreate new bucket

  1. Along with the bucket name, choose us-east4(Northern Virginia) for the location.


  1. Navigate to APIs & auth and click on the APIs link. Enable the Google Cloud Storage and Google Cloud Storage JSON API.

Under the API dashboard, enable the Google Cloud Storage JSON APi


  1. Create a service account for OnSIP to use. Click on "Credentials" under "APIs" and click Create credentials. Select JSON for the key type. A JSON file will be downloaded to your computer. Note: For security reasons, the JSON key will only be available at the time it is created. We recommend you upload the file to the Storage Service creation form in the OnSIP Admin Portal now. Take note of the email address provided to this user from Google Cloud.  
  2. Navigate to "IAM & admin" from the menu and go to “Service Accounts”. You will see the email address and the *Key ID of the user just created . 

*Please take note of the Key ID. You’ll need this in the admin portal in creating the Recording storage.


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