Rackspace Cloud Files

To use Rackspace Cloud Files as your Storage Service, you'll need to provide the following information when creating your Storage Service Resource:

  • Username
  • API Key
  • Bucket Name


Here's how to properly configure the Rackspace account that only grants OnSIP the necessary permissions to store recordings.

1. Sign in to the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel and use the "Storage" tab to create a Container that will be used to store your recordings: Storage > Files > Create Container in Northern Virginia Region (IAD)

Rackspace_StorageImage_July2019.png    Rackspace_StorageContainer_IAD_July2019.png

2. Select your name in the top right and from the dropdown select the "User Management" option. Create a new user to allow OnSIP to upload recordings using. Choose your own Username and Password.


3. Under product access, choose "Custom". All products should have No Access selected except for Files, which needs to be set to Admin level access.


4. Once the user is created show the API Key and copy and paste it into the Storage Service creation form in the OnSIP Admin Portal.   Under Security Settings of the user, you can find the API Key:



Updated July 2019

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