HubSpot Integration

With the OnSIP HubSpot Integration, an incoming caller’s matching HubSpot contact record will be automatically embedded in your OnSIP app. This free integration is for businesses that use HubSpot CRM.

Currently, this integration is only available for the OnSIP web app. Here’s how you can enable it:


Enabling the Integration at the Organization Level

  1. Have your OnSIP Account Administrator log into the OnSIP web app at
  2. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the app and select App Settings from the dropdown menu.


  3. Scroll down the App Settings page to the HubSpot Integration toggle. Switch it to On.


  4. A new window will open up requiring you to log into your HubSpot account. Enter in your user credentials and click on the Log In button.


  5. Read through the Request for Integration Permissions page and click on the Grant Access button.


Enabling the Integration for Each OnSIP App User

Once the integration is enabled, have each of your business’s OnSIP app users follow these brief directions:

  1. Direct each user to log into HubSpot with his own unique login credentials.
  2. Open and log into the OnSIP web app at, using the user’s OnSIP login credentials (different from his HubSpot credentials). If the user has forgotten his login credentials (SIP address and/or password), he can retrieve or reset it from the app’s login page.
  3. Then, on an incoming call window in the OnSIP app, as well as the main active call screen, the caller’s matching HubSpot contact record will be embedded below the call handling options. The caller’s recent HubSpot activity will be presented there, as well as a link to view the caller’s contact record in HubSpot.
A HubSpot contact record embedded in the OnSIP app during a phone call.


How the Integration Matches a Caller to a HubSpot Contact Record

The HubSpot Integration works for both incoming PSTN calls and incoming sayso calls.

  • Incoming PSTN Calls
    For incoming calls from the PSTN, the Integration will take the phone number of the caller and search for a matching phone number in your HubSpot database. If it finds a match*, it will display the contact record in the OnSIP app.
  • Incoming sayso Calls
    For incoming sayso calls, the Integration will look for a HubSpot cookie on the caller’s computer. If a HubSpot cookie is found, it will get the exact Contact ID for the caller and display that contact record in the OnSIP app.

If no matching HubSpot contact record is found, a note stating that no record was found will be displayed in the OnSIP app.


Logging sayso Activity in the Caller’s HubSpot Contact Record

An Activity will be logged in a sayso caller’s HubSpot contact record. The Activity entry will note the date and time of the call, which sayso topic was discussed, which web page the caller called in from, which of your business’s representatives answered the call, if the call was answered or not, and the call’s duration.

A sayso call Activity logged on a HubSpot contact record.

If your users aren’t seeing these Activities in their HubSpot accounts, make sure that their Activity timeline filters include "OnSIP // sayso" activities.





Currently, Activities will not be logged in a PSTN caller’s HubSpot contact record. This is due to potential matching caller discrepancies for PSTN callers (listed in the next section). OnSIP does not want to incorrectly log Activities in the wrong contact record.


* Why the Integration May 'Fail' to Find a Match

For Incoming PSTN calls:

Sometimes, the app may not be able to match a caller with his HubSpot contact record. There may be a few reasons why this occurs:

  1. The Phone Number field in HubSpot’s database does not enforce a specific format for phone numbers, so they may be inconsistent across HubSpot contact records, e.g., 1234567890 vs. 123-456-7890 vs. (123) 456.7890. OnSIP accounts for this inconsistency by searching for a variety of phone number formats, but it may miss a few uncommon/unexpected number formats.
  2. Since HubSpot does not forbid contact records from having the same phone number, there may be cases where two (or more) of your HubSpot contacts will have the same number (for example, if multiple contacts provide their company’s main phone number as their contact numbers). The OnSIP app will display the HubSpot contact record of the first match that it finds, but it may not be the actual record of the caller.
  3. A caller may have his work phone number listed in his HubSpot contact record, but call in from his mobile phone. Since the phone numbers are different, OnSIP will not be able to find a match and display the correct contact record.

For Incoming sayso Calls:

Note that none of the above problems apply for incoming sayso calls. If a HubSpot contact calls in using sayso, OnSIP will be able to find the caller’s HubSpot cookie on his computer, grab the HubSpot Contact ID from there, and display the matching contact record in your OnSIP app.


Created July 2019
Updated October 2019

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