Creating New Users

Log into then, select Administrators at the top right corner.

Choose Users on the left.


To add a new user, click the right side of the screen, select Add User. Provide the user’s name and email address. Optional, you can add the business title, phone number and profile picture.  Then select Add”.

Once created, the new user will be at the end of the user list. Click on the user’s name to expand the fields, here you can further customize your user’s information by clicking "Edit Info" at the bottom of the screen.

Under the User Info tab, you can customize the user's SIP address, enable e911, and add an extension. We recommend that extensions are four digits long starting with the number 7. For example: 7001. You can add multiple extensions for a user. For instance, you can create an extension to be used internally and an extension that will be dialed externally, or from customers calling into your main line. You can create as many extensions for a user as you'd like without any extra charge.

When adding an extension(s) select the "Add Extension" option .

Then key in the available extension you wish to use and click the "+" to add the extension to the list of extensions before choosing "Save changes"

Next is the Call Settings tab, here you can update the Inbound and Outbound Call Preferences.

Next is the Voicemail tab, this is where you can add or edit your voicemail options such as the Mailbox number and pin, time zone, message waiting indicator and playback options, email notifications and custom greeting.

There are three other tabs you can further edit your User settings on. The Phone Settings is where you can see your phone provisioning and SIP registration details.  From the Communications tab, this is where you can choose to send the Welcome Email, Voicemail Configuration instructions and sent the OnSIP password reset email.  Finally, is the Advanced tab, this is where you can add an Alias SIP address and phone number(s), and Permissions to your User.


Giving a User SIP Aliases

Additionally, you can give a user one or more SIP Aliases. A SIP Alias is essentially a sub-user for a main user. For example, if you create a user named John, you can then add a SIP Alias of "John Support," which could be added to a group or ACD Queue.

This can be done under the Advanced tab, by selecting "Edit info" selecting Add SIP address then keying in the additional address and clicking the sign. then "Save changes"

SIP Aliases are useful in combination with a multi-line SIP phone. In the prior example, main user "John" can be registered on line 1 of a phone, SIP Alias "John Support" on line 2, "John Sales" on line 3, etc. A user would then be able to tell if someone is calling into their main line or to one of their SIP Aliases.

Note: Please be very careful if you delete a user as his information cannot be recovered afterwards.



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