Editing User Inbound Call Preferences



Typically, Inbound Call Preferences is used to set the amount of time a phone will ring prior to rolling to voicemail. Each ring cycle is 5 seconds, so 4 rings = 20 seconds. 



User Inbound Call Preferences allow you to route incoming calls to any user address back out to any other location in your OnSIP Hosted PBX after some duration. For example, let's say you will be out of the office for a few days, and you would like to route all of your calls to a coworker, or your cell phone. Simply change the inbound call preferences of your user to send calls to wherever you would like. 


Under the User details section find the Call Settings tab pictured above. To edit the setting: 

  1. Click "edit info" 
  1. Choose a length of time from the first dropdown to determine how long you would like to ring your registered device. 
  1. Choose a new destination from the second dropdown 
  1. Click "Save Changes" 

Note: Only when a user's inbound call preference directly route to voice mailbox, will the user's voice mailbox settings be shown in the voicemail configuration section of the user detail. 


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