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Our Parking Lot application allows you to transfer a call to a parking lot and retrieve that call from the same or any other device on your OnSIP Hosted PBX.

Please note that you will need a phone that supports the attended transfer to park a call; make sure you do not have Easy Transfer enabled for the phones that will be performing transfers to the Parking Lot.  You should not blind transfer calls to the Parking Lot as you will not hear what Lot your call has been parked.

Creating your Parking Lot

Taking advantage of our Parking Lot service is extremely easy.

  • Go to the Administrators tab, click Inbound Call Settings> Parking Lot > Add Parking Lot.
  • From the Parking Lot Settings page -Give the new Parking Lot a name.
  • Choose the number of call parking channels you need (i.e. how many calls that can be parked at a time).
  • Assign a PIN number to secure the retrieval of a parked call. This ensures that of the people not using a device registered to your OnSIP Hosted PBX, only those who know the PIN will be able to answer a parked call.
  • Click Next.
  • On the Caller Settings page -Assign a manual return code (optional). The person on the parked call can dial this single digit to be redirected to the person that put them in the parking lot in the first place (we call this the default address).
  • Choose the maximum amount of time a call can be parked before it fails over to another device.
  • If the call has been parked for the maximum assigned time, the caller will automatically be routed back to the default address. Select a failover address in case the call has been parked for the maximum assigned time AND the default address is unavailable.
  • Click Next, you will then be taken to the Review page to review your set up and select Save and Finish Setup. 


Creating Additional Parking Lots

When creating additional parking lots, they will not auto-populate with the *44 or *45 codes.  You can add any * code, not currently in use, as your Extension (to park calls) and Retrieval Extension you'd like.  See the section below on how to modify your Parking Lot.

Modifying your Parking Lot

Your parking lot application is fully customizable, and you can change your settings at any time. To modify your parking lot, navigate to Parking Lot. This will bring up your parking lot(s). Clicking on it will bring up an expanded view.

You can change the SIP address, the * code for parking a caller, the * code for retrieving a caller, the parking lot Music on Hold, and more. You can also assign your parking lot a phone number so that your employees using external phones can call directly into it.

Finally, any of the parking lot details you set when you added this app to your phone system can be changed by clicking the Edit Info button under Parking Lot Settings. When you're finished making any changes, just click on the Save Changes at the bottom.


If you wish to delete your Parking Lot, click on the to fully delete. Please Note once this is deleted if cannot be retrieved. 

Using the Parking Lot

Calls transferred to the Parking Lot are as an Attended transfer.  Blind transfers will not permit you to hear the Parking Lot number your call has been parked in and is not a recommended practice.  **Note that these instructions use the default values for * codes.

Parking a call

  • While on the call, hit "Transfer"
  • Dial *44, then hit "Dial" or "Send" -- Panasonic devices use "transfer"
  • Listen for your Spot Number
  • Hit "Transfer"

Retrieving a call

  • To retrieve the call, dial *45 and hit "Dial" or "Send" -- Panasonic devices use "transfer"
  • Dial the spot number, then hit the # key

Retrieving a call from an external phone

  • First, make sure that this feature is enabled for your call park app. If not, go into Apps within your admin portal, select Parking Lot from the Type dropdown menu, choose the parking lot you want to edit, and click on the modify button under Parking Lot Details. Check the checkbox next to Require PIN for retrieval from external phones and provide a 4-digit pin number. Hit save. You can now retrieve parked calls using external devices.
  • Call into your main business number. At the auto-attendant, dial *45. You will be asked for your PIN followed by the # key. Note that you can also call directly into your parking lot if you gave your parking lot a phone number
  • Next, dial the spot number of the parked caller you wish to retrieve, followed by the # key


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