Phone Numbers

Phone numbers allow callers to be able to call you from any phone. Phone numbers can be attached to users, groups, and other inbound call destinations. When you create a phone number, you can select the area code and region. The last 4-digits are randomly selected from our pool. OnSIP does not offer local or toll-free vanity numbers.


How to Buy a Phone Number

*Phone Numbers (DIDs) are only available to billable Plans; Free Plans cannot purchase DIDs.

  • From Administrators, click Phone Numbers.
  • click Add Number.
  • Select to add a Single Number or Multiple Numbers - there is an indication on this page if you have enough funds to buy a phone number as well as how much each phone number will cost.
  • From the dropdown select the Area Code(first 3 digits).
  • From the dropdown select the Local Prefix (next 3 digits).
    *OnSIP does not offer local vanity or toll free DIDs.  The last 4 digits are randomly pulled from our pool of numbers and cannot be previewed prior to purchase. *
  • Select a Destination
  • Block Incoming Calls With No Caller ID= select ONLY if you wish to block all inbound calls that do not have a listed Caller ID.
  • Note: this can be left blank, or you can put your own notes here.
  • Select Save on the lower right.

The new Phone Number (DID) is now listed in Phone Numbers; it is readily displayed once you select the phone number from your Phone Number list:


Assigning Phone Number Destination

If you wish to change the destination of your phone number(s), clicking on the phone number, then "Edit Info" allows you to choose which user, group, or inbound call destination you want the phone number to be attached to. Choose "Save changes" to immediately assign the number to the new destination. 


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