Panasonic Boot Server

  • Supported phone models include the Panasonic KX-TGP600, and KX-HDV130/230.
  • For pairing (registering handsets to base) KX-TGP600 see page 85 of Panasonic Operating Instructions startup guide.
  • As of 01/23, the following phones are not provisioned by the OnSIP bootserver- KX-UT113, KX-UT123, KX-UT133, KX-UT136, KX-UT248-B, KX-UT670, KX-UTG200B, KX-UTG300B, KX-TGP500, KX-TGP550.

Step 1. Add Phone to Resources

Log into your as Admin

If this is a new phone, add the phone to the Phones Tab.  You can locate your phone's MAC address, which is printed on a sticker, underneath the phone.  Enter the MAC Address into the portal and assign your phone a User.  For details on how to add MAC Address and assign the phone to a User, click here.

Step 2. Reset to Defaults

Please see the Panasonic Reset to Defaults article.

Click here for a video on Panasonic TGP600 Setup

Step 3. Enable Embedded Web

Enable the WWW interface on the phone to make changes. Press "[MENU]" and then [#][5][3][4]. Next use the up/down arrows select "On" for "Embedded web" and then "[SAVE]". (Alternately you can choose "Menu" -> "IP service" -> "Network Setting" -> "Embedded web". Next use the up/down arrows select "On" and hit the "Menu" key one last time to "[SAVE]".

  • For the UT248-B - Settings > Network Embedded Web On
  • For the UT-670 - Home Menu Settings Network > Embedded Web On
  • For TGP-600 - Menu Setting Handsets Other Option Embedded Web On

Step 4. Determine IP Address of phone

To get the IP address of your phone select Menu -> IP service -> Network Setting -> IP Settings.

  • For the UT-248 press Settings or Setup, using up/down arrow keys select Information display and then press enter. Using up/down arrow keys again select IP Address. When done select cancel.
  • For the UT-670 - Home >Menu >Notifications >Phone Status - Note the IP address of the phone, e.g.
  • For the UT-133B - Settings or Setup (softkey), Using up/down arrow keys select information display then enter, Using up/down arrow keys select IP Address, Cancel when done.
  • For the TGP-600 - Menu -> System Settings -> Status -> IPv4 Settings -> IP Address 

Step 5. Log into WWW interface of phone

Enter https:// followed by the IP address obtained in step #4 into your web browser.

When prompted, log into the phone with:

username: admin
password: adminpass

  • Choose Maintenance > select Provisioning Maintenance
  • Standard File 
  • URL enter (EXACTLY- case sensitive):{MAC}.cfg

For the KX UTG200B, KX-UTG300B and TPG600: Provisioning Maintenance >Provisioning Server >enter: (the last "/" is very important)

  • Save - note the KX-UTG200B, KX-UTG300B and the TGP600 will perform the second download; this is normal.
  • Restart Phone - the UT670 will require you to also restart the phone in addition to selecting RESTART from the web interface



Provisioning maintenance


For Existing Phones

If the phone is already configured for the OnSIP Boot Server, find the phone under Phones by MAC address and simply change the user for the phone and then reboot the phone.


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