Creating an Attendant Menu


Go to “Administrators“ then “Inbound Call Settings”, "Attendant Menu”. 


Then select “Add Attendant Menu” to be taken to the attendant menu form. 



Basic tab 

  1. Menu Name: Choose a descriptive name for your attendant menu to distinguish it from any other Attendant Menu. 
  2. Recording: If you already have the recording in your recording library, use the "Select from existing" dropdown to choose what will upon the caller entering the attendant menu. You can also select "Create custom recording" and then press the microphone button to create a new recording through the app. Lastly, you can choose "Upload a .wav file" to select a recording file from your computer.
  3. Response Timeout: This is the number of seconds the attendant will wait before playing its message to the caller again. 
  4. Timeout Destination: After 2 iterations of playing a message without receiving a response, the caller is assumed to have "timed out." This is the destination you would like to automatically route the caller to upon this timeout. 
  5. Include Extensions: Indicate whether you would like callers to be able to enter extensions of specific destinations right from the attendant menu. This may be useful for employees calling into the main number to check voicemail or dial into a conference bridge. 
  6. SIP Address: Create a unique SIP address that points to your attendant menu.  
  7. Extensions: This is where you can create extensions for your attendant menu.   

Menu Configuration tab 

  1. On Press Of x: You may enter up to 11 different DTMF inputs (0-9, #, *) to accept from the user. Each key must be assigned a destination to route the caller to. Also choose whether the user hears nothing upon entering input or hears the message 'Please wait while I try that extension'. 


  1. Save & Finish Setup: If everything went okay, you will be presented with a note saying you've created a new menu, and your menu will appear in the "Apps" tab. 



Editing an Attendant Menu 

Editing an attendant is almost identical to the process of creating an attendant menu. Simply navigate to the Attendant Menu tab, click the name of the attendant menu you'd like to up and click “Edit Info”.  This will open the menu details.  Make your changes and click "Save Changes." 

Likewise, if you wish to delete the menu altogether, click "blobid4.png". Please be careful when deleting menus as they cannot be recovered. 


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