Provision E911 Emergency Response Locations & Email Notification

Note: This feature is NOT available for OnSIP Hosted Trunking subscribers.   E911 is only available for U.S. locations.


Once you have enabled your account for the E911 service, you can then add your Emergency Response locations (ERLs). From your "Administrators" tab, choose "Outbound call settings” and then “E911”:blobid0.png


Click Add Location and then fill in the location information:blobid1.png


You may have as many locations as you need. You are not charged by location, only by user who is assigned an ERL.

The "Location Name" field can be anything you want. This field is how you will see this location listed when choosing locations for users.

The “Address type” is either Shared or Private. A shared location may be used for any user on the account. A private location, such as a home address, is applied to a specific user.
The "Address” field is the number and street name of your address. For example, "123 Main Street."
The "Type" field is only used when there is more information necessary to pinpoint the emergency response location. For example, if the phone is in the lobby, rear or penthouse of the building, please note that here. Or, if you are located at "123 Main Street, Building 4G", you would choose an Address Type of "Building" and "Address Type Number" "4G."
The "City" field is the City name part of your address.
The "State" field is the State name part of your address.
The "Postal Code" field is the 5 digit zip code part of your address.
The "Notification Email Address": OnSIP will send an email to the Notification Email Address listed in the event someone dials 911 from your account.  There can only be one email address listed for notification.

When done, click "save"in the lower right corner.


If there is an error with the location, you will see the above message. We will provide you possible alternatives.

Once your location has been accepted, you will see the following:


You have now successfully added an Emergency Response Location in your PBX. You can now either add more locations or add users to existing locations.



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